"Olympic circles" Pendant

Pendant in 925 silver, platinum plated, with metal thread cord available in: silver, gold, dark grey or black. True miniature of the sculpture created in 2001 in stainless steel. The sculpture "Olympic circles", 15 m. high and 18 m. long, located at the Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" is an emblematic work of art for the public space of Athens.

The jewelry is sealed, while accompanied by the description of the original sculpture and certified for authenticity by the George Zongolopoulos Foundation.

Every item is offered in gift packaging.

The Olympic Emblem consists of the five interlaced rings and represents the union of the five continents calling upon athletes all over the world to take part in the Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee owns all rights to the Olympic symbols, flag, motto, anthem and Olympic Games.

Τhe ecumenical and diachronicity of Hellenism occupying a central position in the artistic universe of George Zongolopoulos, the Olympic Circles could only be a key pattern in his work.

Α Geometry enthusiast, Zongolopoulos systematically uses the circle in his works, either autonomously or as an inspiration for various complex motifs. Such a case is also the Olympic Circles, a work which essentially a subjectively rendering of the Olympic Games emblem in three-dimensional form and with an extra circle.

The pattern was originally used in 1998 for a three meter stainless steel sculpture, which currently stays at the National Glyptotheke (Goudi). A smaller replica of this work can be seen at the Outdoor Glyptotheque of Psychiko. A more monumental version of the pattern was the sculpture of 15 meters which since 2001 is located outside Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos".

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Partner: George Zongolopoulos Foundation
Product Code: 006-SP-P-03-N
3.5x3.8 cm.
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